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Black Rock Gladiators

We are the Black Rock Gladiators

The Black Rock Gladiators are a band of fighters, performers and merrymakers from Portland, Oregon, USA. We are a “theme camp,” which means we attend campout festivals with a major interactivity component, such as Burning Man, SOAK and SHIFT. The interactivity that we gift at those events is a live combat sports spectacle that everyone can participate in.


Our main attraction is Joust: We build a fighting platform above a massive pink airbag, and then participants attempt to knock each other off with foam weapons.

We run a live sports show around participant combat, complete with play-by-play announcers, commentary and field interviews.

When participants prevail over each other, they get the chance to challenge Gladiators and win prizes. 

We also run a public bar and have other physical challenges, such as King of the Hill and Flaming Tetherball.

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