Burning Man 2019

Black Rock Gladiators is attending Burning Man 2019! We have been officially places at Esplanade and 3:00, on the later side of the 3:00 keyhole. This is super exciting placement, and while we’ve been building up to it for a while, this placement is still a test of our preparedness, hard work, creativity, and gumption. YUSS.

This year we are debuting new structures: the Armory, King Of The Hill, and Warmaiden. The Armory, a giant Roman combat helmet, is where combatants enter the queue, and Warmaiden is our brand-new bar and even space.

One of our glorious Gladiators-cum-artist-builders, Furious Chonies, poses in front of The Armory.

To bring our camp up to snuff for Esplanade, this year we are introducing 24/7 interactivity. Our artist-builders have created a brand new all-hours game called King Of The Hill, as well as broken down and rebuilt the ever-popular Sit’n’Spew. We encourage those who with strong stomachs to give it a whirl.

Sit’n’Spew got a facelift!

In addition to the new 24/7 interactive games, we’re truly honored to host an art installation from the veterans of armed conflict at Camp Hell’N’Back. This installation can be seen just across Esplanade from BRG.

Finally, to earn esplanade placement, we will be running shows 6 nights of the burn. This is twice the number of shows we have ever run in the past. To staff this enormous increase, we have been recruiting and evangelizing and basically harassing all of our friends. We’d like to welcome all the new campers (we love you!) and encourage those who are BRG-curious to consider camping with us in the future.

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